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Tag archives for Pole Vault

Improving Sprint Start Technique

International Athlete, Sports Model and Presenter Jenny Pacey talks to TeachPE about her Sprint Start Technique.86


Pole Vault Basics: The Plant (Guest Star: Joey Daniels)

Tutorial with guest star Joey Daniels on the steps of the plant in pole vaulting.173


Pole Vault Plant Drills -Pick Off Drill-

Samford University plant pick off pole vault drills, Patrick Wells, Owen Wagnor, Jared Lawson, Bo Gilroy, Brandon Bassett, Michael Seaman, Rod Tiffin.85


Pole vault bent pole swing up Annie Burlingham

This is a drill for getting inverted in the pole vault.6


Track & Field Preview: Coach Wiseman (Pole Vault)

IU coach Jake Wiseman talks about the Hoosier pole vaulters, as the team prepares for their first indoor meet of the 2013-14 season.262


Pole Vault Training

Henri Brown’s early pole vault training in WA.431


Train Pole Vaulters to Swing Correctly! – Track 2015 #32

Indiana State University assistant coach, Jeff Martin, discusses what it takes to execute a perfect swing and presents a couple useful training drills for this crucial …230


What is POLE VAULT? What does POLE VAULT mean? POLE VAULT meaning, definition & explanation

What is POLE VAULT? What does POLE VAULT mean? POLE VAULT meaning, definition & explanation. Pole vaulting is a track and field event in which a …85


Pole Vault: Biomechanics Measurement System SASI March 2000

Pole vault biomechanics analysis auto feedback system instant replay and recording of training and performance .127


Air Force Academy Track and Field: High Jump and Pole Vault

Watch as Air Force Track & Field prepares for the upcoming 2015 indoor season around the holidays!204