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Air Force Academy Track and Field: High Jump and Pole Vault

Watch as Air Force Track & Field prepares for the upcoming 2015 indoor season around the holidays!204


US record pole vault

Brad Walker Wins Pre classic pole vault in 19 feet 9.75 inches. It was also an American Record.67


The Human Body: Muscular System (2nd Ed., Rev.) (clip)

Various types of muscle tissue are examined with respect to the basic chemistry of their operation and their arrangement within the framework of the human body …95


Fosbury-Flop Tutorial

I hope this video tutorial helps aspiring high-jumpers. There is also many sites on the biomechanics of the Fosbury-Flop technique. One I found is at …39


Developing athletic potential

All the clips from a training session with pole vault athlete Sydney. The root of each practice is gaining athleticism.Using quality techniques that line up with an …227


Salto de Garrocha



17 y/o Wilma Murto Sets New World Junior POLE VAULT RECORD 4.71m [HD]

MURTO CLEARS POLE VAULT WORLD JUNIOR RECORD OF 4.71M IN ZWEIBRUCKEN The 17-year-old started the year with a best of 4.45m but had already …35


Mater Dei Youth Track and Field Adademy

The Mater Dei Track and Field Academy will introduce Track and Field to youth athletes and prepare them to compete to the best of their abilities. The Academy …34


Samford University Pole Vault slow motion/regular speed

Average to below average vault day Ryan Cook, Owen Wagnor, Michael Seaman Samford University pole vault, week of first meet at MTSU. Everyone was …171


Pole Vault technique

The pole should start inline with the skeleton so that the weight of the pole is not being carried by just the arms, but the frame also. A nice strong running action is …74