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Tag archives for Long Distance Running

American Ryan Hall Finishes 5th in London Marathon

Ryan Hall continues to prove he is a growing contenter in the field, finishing under two hours and seven minutes. (WCSN,


Kara Goucher's Journey to 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon

Two-time Olympian Kara Goucher tells her story in her words. From her beginnings in the sport, through two Olympics, a Worlds’ Bronze Medal, and multiple …180


Warning Does Green Zilla 2 0 Make You Better, Faster or Stronger

To order click the link [removed] Green Zilla2.O™ is your answer to aid in water and energy optimization. * Composed of an …145


Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k Run in Balboa Park

Father Joe’s Thanksgiving Day 5k Run/Walk in Balboa Park Father Joes Villages is a multi-city homeless rehabilitation organization dedicated to addressing the …564


Run 4 Water 5k & 1k 2016

The Beginning The origin of Wells of Life is an interesting and compelling story about one man who knew firsthand what it was like to grow up without clean, …86


Jonathan Brownlee DEVASTATING Bonk in Triathlon World Champs

Jonny Brownlee ran out of water and sugars at the end of this race. Thankfully he is on the way to a speedy recovery in hospital. Bonking like this can result in …192


Despite being sick all week, I ran a half marathon in Kenya to support AIDS orphans

The first few miles were on the paved road during a sprinkling of rain, and then we hit the side of the road as cars zoomed past — running on gravel, loose dirt, …210


NYC Marathon: 40 Years Strong

Four decades after a small group of hard-core enthusiasts started it, the NYC Marathon has become an athletic and social democracy. "In every neighborhood …53


Sakyong Mipham on Running with the Mind of Meditation

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche teaches running with the mind of meditation both as a personal practice and as a way to help the world. "I think in the West …137


Balancing Stress and Training: Hormones

Too many athletes put personal records in front of health when it comes to their training neither of which needs to be mutually exclusive. In this week’s Two …100