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Tag archives for Hurdles

Track and Field | 2017 Hurricane Alumni Invitational

Check out highlights from the 2017 Hurricane Alumni Invitational #ThankUSeniors.73


Rio Grande Track and Field : Hurdle Technique 4



The most extreme high school girls hurdles race you will ever see

I think they are supposed to jump over those things…62


Basic Hurdle Lead Leg Drills

Lead Leg Drills for beginning and advanced hurdlers focusing on leading with the knee rather than the foot. These drills were used as development at the high …126


D1 vs D-None: Hurdles

In the first edition of D1 vs D None SUU’s Devon Montgomery teaches Colton the basics of hurdling and challenges him to a race.77


Track hurdles running for Ocala

8th grade year. Am the person with the pink around the waist, 4th lane.24


1-Step Lead Leg on Banana Hurdles With Kim Carson

Kim Carson, a former NCAA Hurdle Champion (LSU), presents the 1-Step Lead Leg on Banana hurdles on the instructional track and field DVD World Class …47


Learn a Skill Development Phase for the Hurdles! – Track 2016 #20

Karim Abdel Wahab, Colorado State University assistant coach and member of the Egyptian Olympic Games coaching staff, explains a phase of his fall training …188


Get Over Hurdles Smoothly and with More Endurance! – Track 2015 #20

For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: …220


Track & Field Training Explained

I cover how track and field training works and explain what you should be doing to get faster on the track from the off season, straight through to your …570