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How to Run Faster in the 100 & 110 Hurdles

How to warm up properly How and why to use blocks 100 and . Hey guys hopefully this was helpful in getting to learn the 100 and 110 meter hurdles. it may be …1817


Wicket Drill

This is an early season wicket drill practice. Later on in the season the velocity will increase as we begin wearing spikes, and running at higher velocities.46


Hurdle Training – Need for Speed (3 Step Hurdling)

September 15, 2011, I did one of my favorites when I like to work my 3 step rhythm/ sprint between hurdles. Start off at 30 inches and move it up through the …242


Building an Explosive Hurdler

Lawrence Johnson is the Clemson University Director of Track & Field and Cross Country, and 2x ACC Women’s Coach of the Year. In this DVD you will see the …78


Starting Blocks and Hurdling

a shoe string is used to demonstrate how to teach young athletes to set their blocks. This demonstration outlines the foot placement for hurdling. suggested for …139


How to Steeplechase

here’s an instructional video about the basics of the steeplechase, put together by Chico State assistant XC and track coach, Pat Boivin. song: "Get Fly" by …213


Hurdle Block Starts

[removed] Learn how to use starting blocks for sprint training for the hurdles. Track and field sprinters need proper technique for sprinting and …156


Track and Field | 2017 Hurricane Alumni Invitational

Check out highlights from the 2017 Hurricane Alumni Invitational #ThankUSeniors.73


Rio Grande Track and Field : Hurdle Technique 4



The most extreme high school girls hurdles race you will ever see

I think they are supposed to jump over those things…62